EMOTIONAL RESCUE Maximillian Thiel, Lou Hoyer, Jan Pleitner & Lola Göller


Maximillian Thiel, Lou Hoyer, Jan Pleitner & Lola Göller


Opening: 05.10.18 at 19:00

Exhibition: 06. – 28.10.2018

ELEPHANT KUNSTHALL proudly present new works by German-based artists Maximilian Thiel, Lou Hoyer, Jan Pleitner & Lola Göller


Four artists suddenly found themselves on the road to nowhere. So they took a plane to Norway, carrying a suitcase

filled with deep seas for emotional rescue. Maximilian Thiel, Lou Hoyer, Jan Pleitner & Lola Göller cross the ocean and rebel against emotional stereotypes through colour and sound. They negotiate values of existence, the existential of painting, the existential correlations of the ephemera quotidian, the existential of the body’s imagination, the existential deluging of the artistic nerve.


Lola Göller,

b. 1983

The Berlin based artist establishes a meta narrative in her objects and installations.

She plays with quotidian and often unknown materials and executes delicate, participatory and walkable structures in a perfectionistic manner seemingly casual treatment of the body of work the artist opens up for different levels of thoughts and meanings.

Lou Hoyer

b. 1985, Berlin, Germany

Lives and works in Berlin and Mexico City.

Hoyer opens up a whole world of its own and lives in it. She creates narrative sensual and poetic drawings, videos, music and performances that linger around in the tension field of her inner world where she can control matter and physics and even natural forces.

b. 1984, Oldenburg, Germany

Jan Pleitner creates striking and expressive abstract painting driven by subconscious thought. Often painted in short bursts of time, or even marathon single sittings, the works are full of movement and energy, with jolting lines pulling the eye up and down the canvas. Pleitner’s highly physical approach to painting sees him scrape through layers of paint as readily as he builds them up, resulting in a highly tactile canvas. His deep colour palette is lively and mercurial, with elemental patches, streaks and lines bleeding into one another and jostling for space aggressively, but not inharmoniously. Imbued with symbolic properties, they point towards a synesthesiac sensibility.

Maximilian Thiel

b.1984 in Berlin

Lives and works in Berlin and Mexico.

Creates kaleidoscopic puzzles of inconsistencies.

he marks the incomprehensible in patterns and tries to dissolve them. Mainly using Sgraffito techniques, he engraves the flaring spectacle into enduring hard material and likes to play with the concepts of ephemeral/everlasting in the context of exhibition; the physical aspect of his method reflects in the energetic appearance of his work.


The show is supported by Art Council Norway and Oppland Fylkeskommune

outside opening hours; by appointment only.

www.elephant.kunsthall.no / wiesesgate 4 , 2615, Lillehammer